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Microstar Laboratories' equipment is used in all the different industries and science. They offer a unique approach to PC-Based Data Acquisition.

Microstar Laboratories are committed to provide complete technical support to each customer. Hardware and software engineers work with application engineers to provide the technical support you need to reach your goals.

Data Acquisition Processors

  • Up to 2 million samples per second capture each converter
  • Self-contained, with USB connectivity to host
  • 8 analog-to-digital converter devices clocked simultaneously
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PCI Data Acquisition Boards

  • has an onboard 400 MHz AMD K6-III+ processor
  • comes with 128M of DRAM onboard memory
  • offers up to 16 channels per board and can acquire 14-bit data
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  • 16-bit data acquisition
  • 8 simultaneous inputs
  • Multiple sampling rates
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  • Software for Data Acquisition Processor systems runs on both the Data Acquisition Processor itself and on the host PC.
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