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Provide solutions for industry professionals seeking value based answers for their handheld test and measurement needs.


          - Test Products International, Inc. (TPI) was incorporated in Oregon (USA) June 3rd, 1997 and took over the customers of Test Probes, Inc. which was dissolved and

             liquidated. J.P. Aleskus, Jr. became Chairman and President. Test Probes, Inc. sold oscilloscope probes and test leads to the electronic market.

          - TPI greatly expanded the product categories, customers and expanded into new market segments worldwide.

          - Safety Green was selected as the color for TPI instruments. It was the new safety color being used on emergency vehicles, school signs, etc.

          - Test Products International UK, Ltd. was started July 2001, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Test Products International, Inc.

          - Test Product International Ltd (Canada) was purchased and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Test Products International, Inc. December 31st, 2002.

          - Test Products International UK Ltd. changes its name to Test Products International Europe Ltd in March 2003.

          - CBM products were added in 2011.

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Combustion Efficiency Analyzers

  • Use TPI analyzers to test flue gases in gas and oil fired equipment including high efficiency furnaces and condensing boilers. Measure CO, O2, and stack temperature.
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Condition Based Monitoring

  • Bearing and Lubrication Problems? High Maintenance Costs? Reliability Issues?. The TPI Solution: Condition Based Machinery Health Monitoring.
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Clamp-On Meters (Current)

  • TPI offers a full line of digital clamp meters for electrical, commercial, HVAC/R, industrial and process control applications.
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Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

  • TPI offers Digital Multimeters to fit a wide range of applications including electrical, electronic, commercial, HVAC/R, and industrial.
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Manometers (Pressure)

  • All TPI manometers feature temperature compensation to ensure reliable, repeatable measurements. Over-pressure protection prevents sensor damage due to inadvertent pressure spikes. Wide input ranges and high resolution increases versatility and performance.
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Gas Detection

  • A full range of TPI Gas Detection instruments for all of your job needs, including Combustion Analyzers, Carbon Monoxide Analyzers, Combustible Gas Leak Detectors and Refrigerant Leak Detectors.
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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • TPI’s wide range of IAQ instruments provides the capability to measure air velocity, humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), percent outside air, and particles.
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  • TPI contact & non-contact (IR) temperature testers, pocket digital thermometers and temperature probes for a full range of industrial, commercial and food safety applications.
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Specialty Testers

  • TPI specialty testers offer versatility and precision to meet the needs of a variety of jobs and projects.
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Test Leads & Test Leads Accessories

Tools, techniques and tutorials

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